EQ500E: Fundamentals of Equine Dentistry

Dates: Ongoing via online learning —– | —– Cost: US$225 —– | —– Registration


Participants learn to evaluate and assess the horse’s teeth and mouth. Contents cover veterinary terminology, dentition, skull structure and function, common dental problems, problems associated with teeth concerning health, behavioral and training issues associated with dental issues, recognizing dental issues, and the effect of various bits and ethics. This ability to recognize problems associated with teeth concerning health and training will enhance owners, trainers, caregivers, breeders, judges, and equine body workers’ skills and the horses’ performance.

For this course you have 4 months to complete it after enrollment. We have determined it takes 22 hours to complete the lectures, quizzes and reading activities after each module and the final exam. Your course fees include the externship (see details under course outline) which is required if you are taking the course for Equinology credit.

Your link to the online course is provided upon registration for our online Fresh Learn Platform. If you need assistance, please write julieequinology(at)gmail.com to resend the link. Once on the site, you can download and print the course manual to follow along with the narrated lectures presented by horse enthusiast and equine dental specialist Dr. Alexandra Dehleimer, DVM.

Who should take this course? Horse owners, trainers, caregivers, farriers, bodyworkers, saddle fitters, breeders, veterinarian technicians and assistants, barn managers, physical therapists, and anyone in the health care industry who wants to expand their knowledge.

This course is also a required course for our Master Equinology® Equine Body Worker (MEEBW) but is open to anyone as a stand-alone course for the general public.

Module 1: Anatomy and Physiology of the Equine Mouth
Module 2: Examining the Mouth as a Unit
Module 3: Pathology and its effect on horse health and behavior
Module 4A: Tack and Bits and the effects on the oral cavity and head – Anatomy, Communication, Mouthpieces, and Snaffles
Module 4B: Tack and Bits and the effects on the oral cavity and head – Leverage/Curb Bits
Module 4C: Tack and Bits and the effects on the oral cavity and head – Gag Bits
Module 4D: Tack and Bits and the effects on the oral cavity and head – Bitless Bridles, Signs of an Issue, What Can Go Wrong, Case Example
Module 5: Dental care available and laws surrounding dentistry in the United States
Module 6: Final Exam and Externship