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10 EMS Resources on TheHorse.com

The incidence of equine metabolic syndrome (EMS) is frequently observed in the clinical...

Canine Anatomy through Dissection

For our canine bodyworkers, here is an excellent link to canine anatomy through...


Congratulations to the participants of the last EEBW certification course for 2017, with...

Equine Exercise Physiology online course through University of Guelph CAN

Forwarded from our Equinology head office: the Equine Exercise Physiology course comes...

Resistance Bands Help Strengthen Horses’ Core Muscles

Nice synopsis of our collaborative study with the Royal Veterinary College in the United...


Congratulations to all the students from Writtle University College on completing the...


Congratulations to the participants on the August 2017 EEBW certification course with...