The International Equine Body Worker Association, or IEBWA, was founded to serve as a central governing body for both student and graduate Equine Body Workers from around the world. Membership of the IEBWA is only considered if the member in question carries full indemnity insurance, which in turn protects and benefits the horse, the client, the Body Worker and the profession as a whole.

By law, it is a requirement that all Equine Body Workers practice under veterinary referral and/or approval. Professional ethics, which include obtaining veterinary approval, are strongly emphasised within the IEBWA.

Each member is required to carry out a specified number of hours of continued professional education during the calendar year of membership. This ensures that our members are actively interested in maintaining and enhancing their skills and knowledge within their chosen profession.

Current members of the IEBWA can be recognised on the Equinology Equine Body Workers listing by the IEBWA logo behind their name.

The IEBWA has divisions in Europe, USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.