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In 1997, Nicole Rombach embarked on an educational journey that would change her life and career forever. She travelled to the United States, to join an Equinology Equine Body Worker certification course, which was taught by Debranne Pattillo, the President of Equinology, Inc. By the second day of the course, Nicole was so enthralled with Debranne’s teaching and the Equinology ethos, that she asked Debranne if she would ever consider teaching her EEBW course in the United Kingdom, as Nicole felt that the Equinology levels of education and expertise should be accessible to other international students.

With that, began the journey of Equinenergy® Ltd. The first UK EEBW course was held in 1999, and this morphed into presentation of the entire Equinology Inc. course curriculum, with its four levels of certification. To date, there are close to 1000 EEBW graduates in the United Kingdom and Europe! The EEBW programme progressed to the field of canine therapy, and Equinenergy® Ltd. now offers the Caninology Canine Body Worker (CCBW) certification curriculum, alongside the full equine programme.

Since 2003, the full Equinenergy® Ltd course programme has been presented at Writtle University College in Essex , where the EEBW and CCBW industry qualifications also form a part of the Writtle University College undergraduate degree programmes in equine and canine sports therapy. This partnership has raised the bar in education in the popular field of animal sports therapy.

Why do we stand out from other programmes? Simple! We offer courses that are taught only by veterinarians, or specialists in their fields- first-hand information. Classes are offered in small student:lecture ratios. Our Body Worker certification courses are the most comprehensive in terms of content, particularly with emphasis on anatomy and hands-on practical sessions. We do not hand out a certificate on the last day of class, but require that students complete full written works and a full practical examination. Lastly, no other programme offers as many levels of certification, specialised course modules, and the opportunity for continued education. And – Equinology, Inc. is the only programme that is offered worldwide, ensuring that students can choose their geographical location of study, to pursue the same level of Equinology-branded certification, irrespective of where the classes are taken!

Back to Nicole Rombach… enrolling in her first Equinology, Inc. course in 1998, changed her life completely. Twenty years later, she holds the Equinology Master Equine Body certification, a Post-Graduate and Master of Science qualification in Animal Manipulation, and a PhD from the Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine. It all began with the inspiration from Debranne Pattillo, and the ethos behind the Equinology, Inc. educational programme.

Equinenergy Ltd®, theUnited Kingdom division of Equinology, Inc. presents the leading Equinology Equine Body Worker® and Caninology Canine Body Worker® certification programmes. Equinenergy Ltd. is an approved school of the International Equine Body Worker Association. The EEBW® and CCBW® certification programmes are approved by the NCBTMB.

We offer recognised certification courses in equine complementary healthcare modalities that maintain and improve the well-being and performance of the horse. In addition, CANINENERGY Ltd. offers a full curriculum of recognized certification courses in canine complementary healthcare science.

Equinenergy® and Writtle University College – in partnership since 2003 to produce excellence in equine and canine complementary health care education


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