EQ50: Equine Anatomy Precourse Distance Study


If you want to learn more about the musculoskeletal system, this course is the perfect choice. The 176-page manual contains more relevant material than most onsite courses that you will attend! (Well…not our onsite equine qualification bodywork courses; that course text is over 700 pages and the workbook another 150 pages!)
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Who should take this course? Horse owners, trainers, caregivers, farriers, bodyworkers, saddle fitters, breeders, veterinarian technicians and assistants, barn managers, physical therapists and anyone in the health care industry who would like to expand their current knowledge. This course is also the required precourse anatomy distance study course used for our signature Equinology® Equine Body Worker (EEBW) Certification courses and is also the Module One: Precourse Equine Anatomy Study and Review for the Academy of Animal Sports Science’s Animal Sports Therapy Rehabilitation Certification for licensed professionals and the EBER: Evidence Based Equine Rehabilitation Online Lecture Series for the general public. This is such a highly respected course that it is used for other school programs requiring precourse anatomy study before the student attends the onsite course. You will find it beneficial for any bodywork approach, biomechanics, lameness, saddle fit, farrier or trimming or stretching course or workshop you plan to attend now or in the future. Get your head start now.

Lay down the bones and learn those layers of muscles as well as veterinary anatomy! Understand what it means if someone says they are flexing or extending a joint or if they are abducting a limb. If you are serious about continuing on to learn bodywork as a professional, you need the lingo if you want to play with the big kids.

An app is available to help you learn: Equine Anatomy Learning Aid for iPhones and Android for $15.99USD: www.equiinkpublications.com

If you are wanting a closer look at our Equinology® Equine Body Worker (EEBW) Certification, the EEBW course numbers are EQ100 and EQ101. These are all the same course content but differ in amount of days attending and hours per day; you only need to attend one.

If you are going to attend one of our onsite courses, signing up for this course now allows you the luxury of studying well ahead of time or if you are looking for a review. With the expanded EQ50 course, we have determined it takes around 100 hours to complete.