‘Anatomy of Equine Bodywork’ EEBW Course Manual



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* Writtle University College students: email kay@equinenergy.com

Anatomical illustrations and painted horses support this comprehensive book on equine bodywork. Detailed explanations of bodywork techniques cater to all levels of experience. Muscle origin, insertion, function, innervation, problems associated with the particular muscles and how they may manifest in movement, structure and behavior are included in depth. All aspects of care including introduction to saddle fit, dentistry and the principles of rehabilitation are supported by leading veterinarians and specialists. Additional chapters include conformation, static and dynamic assessment, anatomy and physiology, movement and gaits make this 700+ page book a must have for any horse owner as well as those in the equine health care industry. GBP85.00* (EQ100 registered students only)

* Writtle University College students: email kay@equinenergy.com