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‘Illustrated Atlas of Clinical Equine Anatomy and Common Disorders’ by Ronald J Riegel, DVM and Susan Hakola, BS, RN, CMI.
This gold-star winner at the Equitana fair is one of the best recent publications on anatomy. Any student studying equine health care should own a copy! Extensive coverage of the musculoskeletal system and lameness disorders are systematically presented. £99.99 SB

color atlas 

‘Colour Atlas of Veterinary Anatomy: The Horse Vol II’ by Raymond R Ashdown, BVSc, PhD, MRCVS and Stan Done, BA, B Vet Med, PhD
This is one of Equinology’s favourite books! If you would like to be able to see beneath the outer surface of your horse, this book will give you the x-ray vision to do so.  The photographed dissections are mirrored with line drawings and carefully labelled text: a great learning tool and a must for every anatomy student! £139.00 SB


‘Atlas of Equine Anatomy’ by Chris Pasquini, DVM, MS.
A super easy-reading anatomy book with excellent cross-references between muscular, circulatory and neurological systems. Indexes on the functional classifications of neurons and diagnostic blocks included. Highly recommended for its accuracy by students and professionals. £26.95 SB


‘Practical Guide to Lameness in Horses’ by Stashak and Hill.
A user-friendly book directed towards the owner, trainer, farrier, body worker, veterinary student and any professional with an interest in equine lameness. Chapters include functional anatomy; conformation and movement; examination for lameness; selected diseases of bones, joints and related structures; shoeing for soundness and methods of therapy. £52.50 SB


‘The Dynamic Horse’ by Dr Hilary Clayton, BVMS, PhD, MRCVS. Everyone with an interest in equine biomechanics and locomotion should own a copy of Dr Clayton’s publication, in which she details key concepts including kinematics, kinetics, ground reaction force and limb mechanics as these relate to locomotion of the horse. £65.95 HB – also available at £28.95 from the Equinenergy course office

activate horses core 

‘Activate Your Horse’s Core’ by Dr Narelle Stubbs and Dr Hilary Clayton. The authors provide a user-friendly laminated manual and DVD explaining exercises for suppling, mobilization and core muscle strengthening. Techniques are shown through photographs and a spoken narrative. £30.00 SB – Available through Equinenergy Ltd, or www.sporthorsepublications.com


‘Beating Muscle Injuries for Horses’ by Jack Meagher.
A recommended book for anyone working with equine soft-tissue manipulation. The 25 most common problems are explained with reference to location, touch, problems, muscle action and suggested therapy. £33.00 SB


‘Physical Therapy and Massage for the Horse’ by Jean-Marie Denoix and Jean-Pierre Pailloux.
Subjects covered in part 1 include concepts of neuromuscular physiology, anatomy and basic biomechanical concepts, synthesis and application. Part 2 includes physiotherapy of simple lesions, joints, tendons and muscles. Highly recommended by Equinology. £21.84 HB


‘Veterinary Acupuncture: Ancient Art to Modern Medicine’ by Allen Schoen, DVM, MS.
The bible of acupuncture for small and large animals. Chapters include anatomy and classification of acupoints, history and concepts, neurophysiological basis of acupuncture, techniques and instrumentation. Disorders and treatments are discussed in detail. £102.00 HB


‘Conditioning Sport Horses’ by Hilary Clayton, BVMS, PhD, MRCVS.
Dr Clayton provides her readers with a background of scientific facts upon which to base a logical system of conditioning. Strengthening and suppling exercises are offered for a variety of disciplines so individual needs can be met. £44.95 SB


‘Equine Locomotion’ by Willem Back and Hilary Clayton.
This unique book includes the latest research on equine biomechanics and locomotion and will be an invaluable addition to the library for students, academics, practitioners, horse owners and trainers. £90.00 HB


‘Horse Structure and Movement’ by R H Smith, MRCVS.
A detailed examination of the horse, its skeleton, muscles and surfaces at rest and in motion. A detailed section on surface anatomy and great illustrations make this an essential part of your collection. £12.99 SB


‘The Horse: the Foot, Shoeing and Lameness’ by Julie Brega.
Accurate descriptions of lower leg and foot structures are explained, as well as principles of shoeing and influence on balance and the functions of the foot. Chapters include different types of corrective and therapeutic shoeing, lameness diagnosis and treatments and the discussion of various complimentary therapies as well as notes on rehabilitation. £8.95 SB


‘The Horse: Physiology’ by Julie Brega.
Discussion of the physiological systems as well as soft and hard tissues. Chapters include confirmation as well as prevention and treatment of various diseases of the systems. £9.95 SB


‘Feeding and Care of the Horse’ by Lon D Lewis, DVM, PhD.
An informative book containing excellent references for owners, riders, trainers and anyone with an interest in equine well-being where nutrition is concerned. An excellent guide on all aspects of nutrition with descriptive tables and an extensive glossary. £44.95 SB


The Horse’s Pain-Free Back and Saddle-Fit Book Dr. Joyce Harman, veterinarian and respected saddle-fitting expert, states that 75 percent of horses with issue of performance problems or a bad attitude are simply reacting to pain caused by ill-fitting saddles. In this thorough and highly illustrated book, Dr. Harman explains how poor saddle fit can be corrected with patience and know-how.
Can be ordered direct through the Equinenergy course office or bought at the course venues. £24.95 SB


Muscle Charts
A full range of laminated muscle charts can be ordered through Equinology Inc.


‘Dog Anatomy: A Pictorial Approach to Canine Structure’ by Peter C. Goody.
The essentials of dog anatomy for people who enjoy dogs and wish to know a little more about their overall structure, and to students beginning a course in veterinary anatomy. The emphasis throughout the book is placed on those points of anatomy that can be seen or felt from the surface through the skin. £13.48 SB