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Dr Sabine Mai, MV

maiDr. Sabine Mai is a veterinarian specialized in physiotherapy and rehabilitation. She earned two master degrees in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and a UTenn diploma in small animal physiotherapy. Osteopathy, Maitland Manual Medicine, Fascia Release Techniques, Neuro Dynamics and a lot of different animal behaviour training completed her professional education.

Dr. Sabine Mai: “Nowadays I split my working time between my canine rehabilitation practice and my teaching career. I love to have my hands on the dogs and to understand why they move the way they do. To find out how to diminish pain and get the dogs back into their normal environment, to give them a life with a lot of quality and the least amount of discomfort possible – that makes me work. I love teaching and always have a lot of dogs in my classes, because practical training is most important to me.”

Dr. Sabine Mai lives and works in Austria, in a very small village in the rural north. She shares her house with the visiting children and 3 dogs and a cat.