Welcome  to  the  Equinenergy™Ltd.   programme  in  the  United Kingdom!  Equinenergy  ™Ltd courses  are  presented  in  conjunction with Equinology, Inc., the  renowned  United  States  education  company that  offers  a  global programme  in  all  aspects  of  equine  and canine complementary healthcare science.

Equinenergy Ltd. was established in 1999, and the  Equinenergy  programme  has  been  presented  at  Writtle University College in Essex since  2003. Equinenergy Ltd. is proud  to  be  part  of  the BSc  programme  in  Equine  Sports Therapy and BSc in Animal Therapy, offered by Writtle University College.

Equinenergy™  Ltd. is  owned  and managed  by Dr. Nicole Rombach. Nicole also teaches some modules of the Equinology programme, including  EQ103 ( Advanced Equine Soft Tissue Techniques, Introduction to Spinal Mobilisation and Clinical Reasoning), EQ108 (Equine Spinal Dysfunction: Motor Control and Functional Mobilisation/Core Strengthening Techniques), EQ400 (Equine Stretching and Core Strengthening Techniques), and the Equinology Equine Spine and Pelvis Dissection course. She is a chief tester for the Equinology Equine Body Worker® certification examinations worldwide.

Nicole  is  the  co-founder  and  Chair  of  the  United  Kingdom  division  of  the International  Equine  Body  Worker  Association  (IEBWA),  which  serves  as  a regulatory  body  and  network  for  qualified Equinology Equine  Body  Workers throughout the world.