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Course Cost and Payment



All courses require a deposit of £200,00 inc VAT. The balance of course fees is due 5 (five) weeks prior to course commencement. Upon receipt any applicable course manuals and glossaries will be mailed to the course participant.

As most clinics have a substantial waitlist, you are requested to remember the due date for the balance of course fees. If the outstanding balance is not paid by the said date it will be assumed that you are no longer attending the clinic and your place may be given to another student.

Payment can be made via Paypal, cheque or postal order. All cheques must be made payable to Equinenergy Ltd.

Prices quoted are subject to change without prior notification

Send all cheques to:

Equinenergy Ltd 13 Wistaria Close, Brentwood, Essex, CM15 9PR, United Kingdom Tel 07548 789 713 or 07730 446 039 Email: or

Please note your course number on the reverse of the cheque or postal order

Online registration is available through submitting the Registration Form.

Any refundable part of course fees will be returned with notification, which must be received no less than one calendar month prior to course commencement. No refunds after this time for any reason. Refunds will only be made for medical reasons (of the student). Supporting medical documentation may be required to substantiate any request for a refund.

If you have noted an email address on your registration form, this account must be checked regularly as this will be used as a primary means of communication regarding course details.

Neither Equinology Inc. nor Equinenergy will be held responsible for any losses incurred through course postponement or cancellation. Travel insurance is advised where appropriate. As each course is subject to a minimum number of registrations to run, students are advised to wait with booking of travel and accommodation arrangements until final confirmation is received from the Equinenergy course office, that the course of choice will definitely be held. This final confirmation will be communicated around four weeks prior to the course date.


For payment of the £ 200.00 deposit, select the DEPOSIT dropdown option for the appropriate course.
For payment of the balance, due 5 weeks prior to the course commencement, select the BALANCE dropdown option for the appropriate course.
If you wish to pay the full Course Fee, select the FULL FEE dropdown option for the appropriate course.

Please note: PayPal is for payment only and Registration is still required, either online using our Registration Form or by telephoning Equinenergy.

Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable

EQUINENERGY WILL NOT REFUND ANY COURSE DISCOUNT OVERPAYMENT THROUGH PAYPAL OR RETROSPECTIVE REFUND FOR OVERPAYMENT BY ANY OTHER FORM OF PAYMENT. If balance of payment less any offered discount cannot be made through the Paypal option on this page, please settle the balance of payment by cheque or bank transfer. Bank details can be obtained from the Equinenergy course office.

Reg. VAT Number 817 9428 95

Writtle University College Students:
**Note: Writtle University College discounted rates apply to students on undergraduate BSc Equine/Animal Sports Therapy/MVetPhys and BSc Animal Therapy programmes. The discounted rate does not apply to students on the post-graduate MSc VP programme.
Members of Professional Associations - receive a 10% discount on the total cost for any UK-based courses*!
*Excludes online courses and EQ100/CN3000
Equinology Course Manual (£70.00 inc.VAT)
For EQ100 students: manual will be handed out on the first day of class start. Shipping available at £7.95 extra if student wishes to receive manual prior to class start.
EQ75E: Equine Massage and Body Work (£595.00 inc.VAT)
EQ100E: Equinology Equine Body Worker® Certification (£1695.00 inc.VAT)
Writtle University College Students**
EQ100E: Equinology Equine Body Worker® Certification (£1295.00 inc.VAT)
EQ103E: Advanced Equine Soft Tissue Techniques, Introduction to Spinal Mobilisation and Clinical Reasoning (£995.00 inc.VAT)
EQ106E: Equinology Equine Body Worker® Review (£495.00 inc.VAT)
EQ108E: Equine Spinal Dysfunction: Motor Control and Functional Mobilisation/Core Strengthening Techniques (£595.00 inc.VAT)
EQ300E/600E: Equine Lameness, Gait Abnormalities and Biomechanics (£795.00 inc.VAT)
EQ400E: Equine Stretching and Core Strengthening Techniques(£395.00 inc.VAT)
EQ500E: Fundamentals of Equine Dentistry (Price TBA)
EQ700E: Saddle Fitting for the Equine Healthcare Professional (£895.00 inc.VAT)
EQ900E: Progressive Intensive Anatomy Discovery (£995.00 inc.VAT)
EQ1000E: Understanding Farrier Science and the Current Trends (£595.00 inc.VAT)
EQ1100E: Equine Myofascial Release Level I (£895.00 inc.VAT)
EQ1110E: Equine Myofascial Release Level II (£595.00 inc.VAT)
CN3000: Canine Body Worker Certification Course (£1595.00 inc. VAT)
Writtle University College Students**
CN3000: Canine Body Worker Certification Course (£1195.00 inc. VAT)
CN3040: Canine Myofascial Release Level I (£795.00 inc. VAT)
CN4100E: Canine Functional Anatomy and Biomechanics, Soft-Tissue Mobilisation, Join Mobilisation and Core Strength Conditioning (£495.00 inc. VAT)
Equinology Equine Body Worker Level III Review and Testing (£395.00 inc.VAT)
Equinology Master Equine Body Worker Review and Testing (£595.00 inc.VAT)
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Total Course Registration Fees:

* compulsory insurance premium additional to course cost. Full details will be sent out at time of registration.